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Gratisfaction // The Strokes 

But you’re never gonna get my love
We can only blame the sun
Get up in the morning and run
You’ll be frustrated ‘til the day that you’re done


i’ve never met nicki minaj but i trust her



YOOO!!! I’M BACK IN THE STATES AND BACK IN ACTION!!! I wrote all of this while I was away, but I didn’t have my computer, so I wrote it all in my notebook I had with me and just got done typing all of it! It took… a lot less time than I thought it would to write it all out LOL SO HERE IT IS. I was very productive while I was away and I had an absolute blast!! I already miss the Mediterranean, I literally loved every second of my work and playtime there, but it’s good to be back, too! It’s my first day back and I will answer all the many messages soon, just wanted to get this stuff up first!! Mod is very tired gomen Thank you to everyone that sent me something, I promise I’ll answer as soon as I can!! <3

Across the Way Chapter 5
Summary: Mm… this one is like 14 pages of… stuff… and more adventurous sex exploitation. And food. But not at the same time… yet. I just started writing and this just kinda happened soooo //sneezes


Arranged Marriage Chapter 5
Summary: The wedding is off //le gasp


Wings Chapter 11
Summary: Where is this fic even going? We just don’t know. Includes feathers and food. And mentions of a broken thingie.


Strings Chapter 8
Summary: lol //cries softly


Boarding School Chapter 1
Summary: New fic? New fic. Boarding School AU. Oh, and Hijikata is the main top in this one sooooo HijiGinHiji here we go! 


Vampire Chapter 6
Summary: //whispers// BDSM and bloodplay 


What Happens on Camera Doesn’t Always Stay on Camera
Summary: Another new fic? Another new fic. Kissing a stranger video GinHIjiGin style — of course I had to write my own version of this ahaa


Chances are, if you’re a woman and you’ve had much contact with the leadership of FIFA, you have a story to tell about sexism and soccer’s world governing body.

U.S. forward Abby Wambach tells one from the time she and her now-wife, Sarah Huffman, were backstage in a VIP room in January 2013 before the World Player of the Year awards gala in Zurich, Switzerland. “[FIFA president] Sepp Blatter came into our little area, and he walked straight up to Sarah and thought she was [Brazilian star] Marta,” says Wambach.

“Marta!” Blatter said, hugging a bewildered Huffman, who doesn’t look much like Marta. “You are the best! The very best!”

“He had no idea who Marta was, and she’s won the award five times,” says Wambach. “For me, that’s just a slap in the face because it shows he doesn’t really care about the women’s game.”


Former U.S. World Cup winner Julie Foudy tells a story about the time she was part of the globally televised draw for the men’s 1998 World Cup in Marseille, France. Blatter said something about her onstage in French. “I don’t speak French,” says Foudy, “but when I got off the stage two women who worked for FIFA were kind of angry.”

“Why are you angry?” Foudy asked them.

“We don’t like what he just said about you,” said one.

“What did he say?”

“That they brought you here because you looked good—and nothing about your football.”